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These stories are all amazing. Have been thinking about elephants a lot since reading that wrenching NYT article the other night, and am very glad to have discovered the small + shining hope that is The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya is a small charity that works for the conservation of elephants and the highly endangered Black Rhino. The Trust specializes in taking care of the babies that are orphaned, often through poaching. 

This is the story of Kinango, one of their new baby elephants: 

At around 4pm on the 11th August a call was received about a tiny newborn elephant calf discovered by KWS personnel in the Kwale area outside of the Shimba Hills National Park. The elephant calf was stranded, hungry and visibly stressed when it was first found walking along the Kwale-Kinango road near the Mwadabawa junction, later seeking comfort under an abandoned truck which obviously felt like Mum.

Originally because he was so tiny it was thought he was new born and a plasma drip was administered to this vulnerable male calf in an attempt to ensure his immune system was boosted, but now that a few weeks on he has begun to teeth is would suggest that he was between 3 – 4 weeks on arrival. 

Despite being an incredibly vulnerable newborn calf, Kinango as he has since been named, has been taking his milk with enthusiasm from his keepers and is very much a treasured and precious part of the Nairobi Orphan’s group, pampered by all the older elephants.

We also loved the story of young Balguda, who arrived at the Trust’s Nairobi Nursury into what seemed like hugs and warm welcomes from other young elephants. 

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